All Therapeutic Pedicure includes paraffin and hot stone massage.
European Spa Signature
European Spa Signature Pedicure provides the ultimate treatment for your feet. Ingredients included in treatment will scrub off unwanted dead skin, massage away aches and pains, and help prevent callus build-up. The preferred choice by clients.
Fresh Cucumber
If you want happy skin, then cucumber is the answer. As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin that can get you relaxed in no time. SkinMilk is another essential ingredient in this pedicure as it is use to tighten and moisturize the skin.
Green Tea
Green Tea has antioxidants that clinically delay the aging of skin cells, allowing visible healthy, younger-looking skin. Immerse your feet I this Japanese Joy Luck Green Tea solution to give your skin the needed treatment that it deserves.
Children under 12 years of age get 20% off all services.
This exotic treatment combines authentic ingredients found in Asia. The Yesheng Tea bags placed in the spa has organic leaves that heal damaged skin. In addition to Yeshen Tea bag, the coffee grounds included in this treatment contains caffeine that dehydrates fat cells, providing firm skin.
Pacific Ocean Breeze
Beat the heat with the Pacific Ocean Breeze Spa Pedicure by easing your feet into the therapeutic bath enriched with oil follow by cooling gel. The cooling gel act as a heat sink to the skin leaving the skin refreshed.
TenRen Relaxing Tea placed in the spa will not only provide a pleasant aroma, but regenerate healthy skin cells. Raw Earth Creative Footbuff is also an essential ingredient that warms up the calves and feet to loosen tense muscles from a long’s day work.
Milk and Honey
SkinMilk mixed with honey moisturize and improve the skin tone. SkinMilk contains various vitamins that provide anti-aging benefits and honey also aids in rejuvenating skin cells eliminating fine wrinkles. This creamy lotion promotes a visibly smoother, firmer appearance leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.
Feel the magic of the Rainbow Spa Pedicure working on your skin as lime slices help shrink open pores to prevent oily skin from emerging and orange extract bring out the natural glow of the skin. Besides helping the external skin tone, the peppermint aroma relaxes muscle tightness.
Four Season
European Nail Spa special blended formula helps eliminate foot odor and prevent itching that may occur year around. Additional callus work is done for the callus build-ups during the summers and lavender extract is use to moisturize for dried cracks on the feet during the winters.
New York Soho
Escape from the commercialism and indulge in this electric therapeutic spa pedicure. We will start you off with the aromatic sloughing crème containing peppermint, eucalyptus, and pumice use to remove rough dry skin while softening cuticle. Treatment is follow by SkinMilk that provides anti-aging benefits and Cocoa Butter to soften the skin.
Silky Chocolate
The deliberate selection of the following products ensure that your skin come out silky and lavish. Combining Sea Salt White, SkinMilk, and Chocolate Foot Mask capture and maintain the skins natural beauty.
Aloha to wrinkles and dry skin as various organic ingredients in this treatment are used to bring back that youthful skin. Your skin’s youthfulness is bought back by using slices of lime to reduce oily skin and using Hawaiin flowers to moisturize the skin.
Luxury Lavender
Enjoy the natural beauty of spring flowers with this Luxury Lavender Spa Pedicure. Lavender oil smoothes out scars and relaxes muscle pains while the aroma calms daily stress.
Florida oranges are not only great for the taste buds, but they are beneficial for the human skin. Orange slices used in this treatment exfoliate while nourishes and moisturizes dehydrated skin.